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A new storm is brewing on the horizon for democracy in Europe. The European Union is moving closer to signing an Economic & Trade agreement known as CETA. It is similar TTIP, which makes it equally controversial as it is undemocratic, non-transparent and the effects it might bring are hidden to the public eye.

CETA is supposed to be a trade agreement between the EU and Canada, however, we can genuinely assume that it will also encompass subsidiaries of US companies in Canada.  Like its counterpart the TTIP, CETA is to come with a trade-investor settlement mechanism which consequently means that more than 40,000 US corporations with subsidiaries in Canada will be given the right to sue our sovereign governments on special arbitrary tribunals, establishing a parallel legal system and thus, elevating themselves over the state laws.

It is important to be aware that CETA agreement is based on the so-called negative approach.  All the public services which will be listed under the “negative list” will be potential subjects to liberalization. This will result in the undermining of public goods, such as the right to water, as existing concessions for the commercial use of water resources will become subject to the rules of the agreement. Furthermore, EU policy making in the field of food production and processing is based on the ‘precautionary principle’, which acts as a preventive effect when it comes to marketing of food or goods. This means that the manufacturer first has to prove that their products meet the regulatory safety criteria. CETA seeks to replace such mechanism with a reverse system based on the principles of the market risk. This allows all the products to enter the market, until they are proven as harmful.

Moreover, CETA agreement will also eliminate the strict EU regulation on the labelling of the presence of GMOs in products. It this context it is also relevant to point out that Canada is world’s third largest producer of GMOs. This further elevates the risks of introduction of GM products to the European food market. Furthermore, it should also be noted that CETA contains no binding provisions whatsoever in the field of environmental protection. Nevertheless, we can also assume the workers rights and already existing labour laws will be subject to change under the agreement, resulting into deeper social cuts and increased inequality.

What is even more terrifying, is that CETA is supposed to come in temporary effect even before being ratified through democratic processes of member states.  It has to be taken into account that once this agreement, with all the state-investor dispute and negative list passes, there will be no point of return.  Member states will be bound to it, as they will not be able to simply withdrawn from the agreement. Withdrawal would require the approval off all the signatories.

CETA trade agreement is non-transparent & undemocratic. It endangers public services, health and the environment while taking away sovereignty from the EU member states and giving nothing in return.

At this point, it is worth asking: Do leading world corporations really deserve such special treatment? Are we really willing to let corporations enslave our nations in shackles of capital investment? Are we willing to deprive ourselves of the democratic, social and legal sovereignty of our countries in the name of the capital and corporations? Are we really willing to let them infringe our hard-won workers rights and labour laws?

We at the Slovenian Social Democratic youth wing – Mladi forum SD refuse to live in the future, where the executive of the state will be a mere committee for managing the common affairs of the corporations.  We have had enough of politics that serves the profits of the rich and powerful.

We demand a new kind of politics that will favor the people before the capital!

We thus call upon all the comrades from left wing organisations and parties across the EU: Socialists and Social Democrats, Members of European Parliament & National Parliaments, Trade Unionist and Civil Movements to join our cause and stand up against the corporations that seek to undermine everything our ancestors fought for.

We urge all the activists and members of prominent left wing organisations to exercise pressure on their leaders, contact their MPs, spread awareness to the public, organise local  events and connect with other movements to say a firm “No” to the undemocratic and unfair trade agreement known as CETA. We will not sacrifice our health and living standards in exchange for the profit of multinational corporations.

So comrades come rally! Let the sounds of Internationale be heard across the EU, as we unite against the politics of greed and exploitation.

We have nothing to lose but our chains!

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